Did I Tell You About My Albatross

Did I Tell You About My Albatross

A Golf Podcast for Honest Degenerates

Welcome to ‘Did I Tell You About My Albatross’, the golf podcast that delves into the most incredible, improbable, and downright mind-blowing moments in golf.

Every episode feels like teeing it up with your favorite foursome, filled with laughter, storytelling, and the camaraderie that makes golf so unique. 

The inception of this podcast is rooted in one of golf’s rarest feats: a walk-off albatross. In the 2020 Member-Member tournament at Carrollwood Country Club in Tampa, Florida, Albi (Host) defied 1 in 600 million odds, making a 2 on the final par 5, last hole/ last shot securing a miraculous win. This monumental shot wasn’t just a game-changer on the course; it transformed Albi’s life.

Join Albi and his Co-hosts: Shepherd (pro athlete whisperer/performance coach guru), and Panda (PGA Teaching Professional) as they uncover the best "did i tell you about...." moments in and around golf. 

Discover the magic, the mayhem, and the moments that make golf the incredible game it is.


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What Our Listeners Say

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Bring more guests on

Great show but I would like to see more guests from around the world and not just Florida.

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Amazingly Talented!

I have listened to many podcasts and Dityama is a diamond in the rough. His personality and charisma are captivating. Highly recommend this series and continuing to watch Brandon and his team climb the ranks!

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Great for even casual golfers

This podcast it is great because it focuses on everything in and around the course. I’m a casual golfer and this was the perfect podcast.

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Brandon does it right!

We had an amazing job recording with Brandon. Great time, awesome vibes and solid set up. Thanks for hosting us Brandon. The Marker Locker team will be back!

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