Cracked Balls: Long Drive Pro's Sam and Bryce

Cracked Balls: Long Drive Pro's Sam and Bryce

What if I told you in today's episode, we are going to meet two of the longest drivers on the planet of the golf ball. 
Now imagine going to the driving range, teeing up the ball and hitting the ball so hard with your driver that you end up cracking the golf ball not once, but multiple times during your range session. Now, I'm great at imagining things, I am. But this one was hard for me to wrap my head around. This happens all the time to lawn drive guys.

On today's episode, we meet Sam Attanasio | Pro Long Driver and his Bus. Training partner Bryce Mooney /Pro Long Driver. Sam is one of three people on the planet to record a ball speed of over 240 mph! Bryce hit a drive in competition last year of over 433 yards! They have a secret weapon that could take their training and results further and they reveal what that weapon is on the podcast. Here's the kicker, you can actually use the same weapon in your own gain to quickly add tons of distance to your game. 

This one was one of my favorite interviews. These guys are extremely likable and their stories are so relatable and interesting. 

Let us know what you think and this is the fist episode to what is turning out to be an amazing year for the pod already. We have multiple large collaborations confirmed and scheduled that will take our audience on an exciting ride this year.

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Following are the 10 lessons covered in the episode, with a concise title and description for each lesson:

1. **Mindset Shift**
Believe anything's possible, it becomes so.

2. **Data Driven Training**
Train with precision for significant speed gains.

3. **Speed Toad Innovation**
New speed training aid revolutionizes swing.

4. **Drive to Improve**
Reviewing swing aids for potential benefits.

5. **Health to Hero**
Overcoming health issues, pursuing passion.

6. **Practice Makes Perfect**
Marathon training shifts to long drive.

7. **Unlikely Beginnings**
Random sports transitions to golf excellence.

8. **Albatross Revelation**
Crazy golf shots prove anything's possible.

9. **Journey Through Illness**
Health struggles redirect to long drive.

- Recapping the episode's highlights and foreshadowing future golf giveaways and experiences

To our listeners, stay tuned for Swing Aid Saturday with swing aid guru Bryce Mooney and follow us for updates on the latest in long drive and professional golf. Subscribe to 'My Space' and secure your place on the leaderboard of golf podcasts!
1. Intro and Unexpected Albatross (0:00:00 - 0:05:00)
2. Tales of Possibility: From Sales to the Fairway (0:05:01 - 0:12:00)
3. Inspiring Hole-in-ones and Pursuing the Long Drive Dream (0:12:01 - 0:19:30)
4. Overcoming Adversity: Lyme Disease, TBI, and Triumphs (0:19:31 - 0:26:00)
5. The Marathon Meeting and the Birth of a Long Driver (0:26:01 - 0:32:30)
6. Can You Digest a Golf Ball? A Debate (0:32:31 - 0:35:00)
7. Counting Legs and Eyes: A Biology Conundrum (0:35:01 - 0:39:18)
8. Speed Training: Tools and Techniques (0:39:19 - 0:42:09)
9. Innovating the Sport: The Speed Toad (0:42:10 - 0:47:00)
10. Swing Aid Saturday and Golf Gadget Reviews (0:47:01 - 0:50:00)
11. From Marathons to Monster Drives (0:50:01 - 0:55:00)
12. Training Routines and Long Drive Preparations (0:55:01 - 1:00:00)
13. Tournament Travels and Schedules (1:00:01 - 1:05:00)
14. The Science of Speed: Developing the Speed Toad (1:05:01 - 1:10:00)
15. Fine-Tuning Equipment for Peak Performance (1:10:01 - 1:15:00)
16. Networking and Tee Times in Tampa (1:15:01 - 1:20:00)
17. Goodbyes and Upcoming Golf Giveaways (1:20:01 - 1:22:00)
18. Long Drive Gear Talk and Ball Rollbacks (1:22:01 - 1:27:00)
19. Breaking Records: Balls, Shafts, and Speed (1:27:01 - 1:32:00)
20. Casual Banter and Parting Words (1:32:01 - 1:35:00)

10. **Persistence Pays Off**
Near success in early competition motivates.

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