The Tall Golfer Gets An Albi

The Tall Golfer Gets An Albi

🏌️‍♂️ Tee off with us on a heartfelt and humor-filled episode of "Did I tell you about my Albatross" where host Brandon Redding and guest Conner Boyd, The Tall Golfer dive into the glorious world where anything is possible... including Albatrosses for each. Conner shares the exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions when he made an albatross recently on a stunning Hawaiian par four joining previous guests like Matt Scharff who also documented their albatrosses on the show. Both guests explore the magic of manifesting dreams - from finding the perfect partner to purchasing dream homes, and achieving goals.

⛳ In this episode, we talk about the profound impact an albatross like moment can have on your life and perception of what's possible. Be amused as the Tall Golfer lets us in on a quirky secret of having an Interstellar tattoo. 
Conner shares his journey from mini-tours, to commercial real estate, to sinking the most incredible moment in his life to date. 

🌟 Dive into the discussion about the surge in golf's popularity post-COVID-19, where Brandon and Conner contrast the skill levels of average joes against professional golfers. Engage with our curious debates over the number of eyes, legs, doors, and windows in the world - it's a quirky conversation but interesting. 

✨ So, get ready to embark on this star-gazing, golf ball-swinging, and dream-manifesting journey. Hit 'play' and join the DITYAMA.FM team for an inspiration-packed episode that will have you aiming for fairways and reaching for the stars! Subscribe, stay tuned for amazing giveaways, and remember - life isn't all about the scorecard, it's about the stories we make along the way. #AlbatrossDreams #GolfPodcast #FairwaysAndGreens

00:00 Albi Introduces new friend to the show... The Tall Golfer, Conner Boyd

06:41 PGA-Liv deal polarizes, but creates publicity.

09:57 Darren, Aaron, Erin, Charlotte, Albatross Story has many heros 

12:08 Surprised reaction at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel golf course.

15:06 Albi Shares his Albatross story for the Tall Golfer and his audience.

17:45 Nothing better than sharing Albatross like moments with those you love 

22:20 Anything is possible, Everything is different after an albatross

23:04 Manifest destiny belief, dream home and partner.

27:11 Divot board, swing aids, speed toad, 240 plus ball speed in golf is silly

31:10 Mauna Kea is the most special place on the planet potentially
31:25 star geek, crazy, beautiful beach day.

33:29 Discussion about Good Good Golf, Desert Classic -recent tournament and production quality.

36:20 Questioning survival of eating a golf ball.

43:30 Eyes or legs?

47:06 Unique perspective on albatross encounters at club.

49:10 Friends forever

Thanks to Divot Board for supporting the show and creating a swing aid that actually works. They were also kind enough to offer our listeners 10% off and free shipping. Just use the code: "ALBATROSS" at checkout. 

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel 

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