Lost Ball Marker, Great Podcast: DITYAMA Links Up with Golf Locker Founders

Lost Ball Marker, Great Podcast: DITYAMA Links Up with Golf Locker Founders

Curiosity is a super power and it's what drives everything we are doing here at Did I tell you...
Lost ball marker, great podcast. Albi loses his prized ball marker earlier in the day but ends the day with three new buddies that solve his ball marker woes once and for all.

Albi and Panda catch-up with the founders of the hottest new golf gift launching this holiday season... Marker Locker. They share how through their own creative inspiration, they were able to develop the concept, design, refine, and launch all within less than a 12 month period. It's not only a remarkable story, it's also inspiring to anyone who is driven to create.

3 new spirit animals join the shed:
Honey Badger, Kangeroo #2, GOAT (KID)

DITYAMA also launches the first of many contests... this one is for the hard to get Marker Lockers! We are giving away 6 of these initially. Listen to the podcast for the secret word provided during the podcast for an easy way to multiply your chances to win.


Albi learns the hard way that these guys are damn good putters, good sticks over all, and also learns more importantly... great dudes who share the passion for golf.
This episode has a little bit for everyone: 

00:00:29 "People call me Albi"
00:07:23 Lost ball marker, great podcast.
The timestamp in the podcast where it starts to say "Creating a unique golf accessory" is 00:13:22. Creating a unique golf accessory.
00:15:48 Ball markers as collectible items.
00:23:55. Think outside the box.
00:24:12 The podcast discusses a golf challenge.
00:29:48. Can a human swallow a golf ball 
00:37:12 Reverse sandbaggers are controversial.
00:39:19 Importance of honesty in golf.
00:50:07 Predicting animal battles is entertaining.
01:00:05 Albi Brain / random questions.
01:05:10 Life is full of unexpected moments.
01:09:12 Golf cart etiquette is important.
01:18:26 John Daly 
01:24:08 Swing aids require active use.

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