Brandon Redding

Billy Heiser 

Laken Fischer 

What's up with the spirit animals for names? 

DITYAMA has a knack for identifying people's/guests spirit animals... it's kinda their thing. This is what headcovers were invented for. 

Albi (ALBATROSS) = Brandon Redding (5 handicap): "Albi" thinks he should be famous for hitting what is arguably one of the greatest golf shots in the history of the sport... A walk-off Albatross (2 on a par 5), last hole, last shot to tie for the win during his member-member tournament in Tampa, Florida in September 2020. So... he started a podcast to tell the world about it.  

Shepherd (German Shepherd) = Billy Heiser (2 handicap): One of the nations top teaching professionals in the sport of tennis. Has coached multiple top 10 players, gold metal winners, grand slam winners in Tennis. Shepherd is CEO of A++ (Add 2 Performance) where he is the GO TO  athlete whisperer and builds performance teams around professional athletes. 

Panda = Laken Fischer
(0 handicap) = Panda is king of the swing, PGA teaching professional and golf history aficionado. "He's a witty Panda"


"Did I tell you about my albatross" has many inside jokes... in case you missed any, let's get you caught up: 
1. 1/600 million: Albi hires data scientist to figure out the odds to win a tournament with a walk-off albatross. See the report 
2. We have prerequisites for our listeners: no glove putters, no slow players, no ball retrievers, no cheaters, no judgement
3. Scott Van Pelt: Albi will usualy call out to SVP at least once each episode until he gets an interview with him for Albatross 
4. Chris Paul: Albi's sports hero CP3 grew up in Clemmons/Winston-Salem where Albi is from. Albi shouts him out frequently. 
5. Albi's Nest: Recording studio the boys do the show from is a 10x10 shed from Tough Shed- SPONSOR US Tough SHED! 
6. Albi's Brain: Known for being hyper-curious, the boys allow Albi random rant time so he remains structured the rest of the show
7. Stump the Panda: Crowd's fav. Our PANDA knows his Sh*t when it comes to golf and golf history, we test him frequently
8. Can a human being eat/swallow a golf ball and live? This question gets asked to just about every guest who joins the show
9. Are there more legs or eyes in the world... another one from Albi's brain that we ask all guests
10.Challenges: One Arm Bandit - DITYAMA loves challenges example: Panda throwing the ball vs. Shepherd golfing one armed
11. Sam Sneed plays girls for money: one of our favorite stories, it happened and we had to know more... this started our "deep dives"
12. "Mole Trap": Albi almost dies on masters trip with boys when he picks up a mole trap and it triggers
13. Panda's Bamboo Bets: Panda = our biggest degenerate when it comes to betting and thats scary... so we get his picks and share 
14. "Eat That Bug": DITYAMA team bets caddy to eat exotic bug in one of our episodes / insanity ensues
15. Contests and Giveaways: We want to be known for this. Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and subscribe to be included...
.... These are just a few so watch or listen to learn the others

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Even with all the podcasts out there it’s hard to find new ones the grab my attention. Congrats on doing that

- wickedcrooked


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Bring more guests on

Great show but I would like to see more guests from around the world and not just Florida.

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Amazingly Talented!

I have listened to many podcasts and Dityama is a diamond in the rough. His personality and charisma are captivating. Highly recommend this series and continuing to watch Brandon and his team climb the ranks!

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Great for even casual golfers

This podcast it is great because it focuses on everything in and around the course. I’m a casual golfer and this was the perfect podcast.

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