Eric Cogorno Uncovers Golf's Best-Kept Secrets

Eric Cogorno Uncovers Golf's Best-Kept Secrets

Today, we've got the exceptional Eric Cogorno with us, a name synonymous with transformation in the golf coaching arena, particularly known for his massive influence and dominance in the online golf teaching world. Eric has over 72 million views, over 220,000 students taught online, over 350,000 youtube subscribers, and has taught over 30,000 in person lessons. He has been named the top teaching professional in the state of Pennsylvania and worked with the likes of Sir Nick Faldo and David Ledbetter. 

In 2023, his YouTube platform outperformed all others in the online golf teaching space. From the nuances of exaggerated technique to the finesse of striking just the right mental chord, Eric's insights offer a slice into the discipline of top performers versus the everyday golfer.

But how did he get here, and what makes his approach a so unique and effective? We'll get a glimpse into his journey from financial struggle to embracing the rich greens of golf coaching. Amid tech talks and the mental game, we'll also get personal with Eric's story of the shift from potential baseball stardom to a leader in golf coaching. Plus, we'll hear about my own brush with the surreal – yes, Eric, I'm going to tell you about my albatross.

Get ready to tee off with us as we explore golf aids, the essential ingredients of success in golf, and how confidence and frequent tournament play can shape your game. Don't miss out - this talk is not just for golfers but for anyone seeking inspiration. 

00:00 Albi praises Eric's unique teaching gift
04:45 New You Tube Channel: Lessons I've Learned with Eric Cogorno
10:37 How Eric Found Golf
13:57 Transitioned from player to coach
18:23 COVID increased competition, but also expanded opportunities.
20:07 Effective coaching can be achieved through video.
25:20 Albi shares Brad Brunner (Kangeroo) Korn Ferry tour player turned golf instructor.
26:49 Learning from Nick Faldo about winning mindset.
32:56 Improve swing by focusing on shaft line.
35:26 Tech and the future of golf.
39:21 Passionate about golf and personal development podcast.
40:42 Exclusive golf giveaways and experiences for subscribers.

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