Playing Augusta National: Brandon Cubitt's Viral Journey
Did I Tell You About My AlbatrossDecember 20, 2023
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Playing Augusta National: Brandon Cubitt's Viral Journey

For anyone who follows golf on any of the socials, chances are you know who Brandon Cubitt is. His ongoing series: Trying To Play Augusta National has millions of views and for good reason. He's a genuine guy who is passionate about playing one of the worlds greatest golf courses. His quest is as likeable and relatable as Brandon himself. 

Mike and Michelle Weir recently got behind Brandon to help support in any way they can as well. Brandon shares his story on how they connected, what's next in his journey, and even answers the silly questions all guests on our podcast are subjected to. 

Tune in for one of the best "Did I Tell You About My Albatrosses" episodes to date.
00:00 Mike Weir Connection / Introduction
02:31 Jon Rham takes
03:58 Brandon Cubitt Joins POD!
06:30 Albi tells his albatross story again
08:23 Regular golfer play Augusta?
10:40 Mike Weir Connection 
18:32 Shirt off at Masters
21:22 The most expensive golf bag setup
27:17 Can a human swallow a golf ball and survive
28:24 Are there more egs in the world or eyes
32:01 Albi admits the reason for the podcast
33:58 DITYAMA choices for top courses to play
37:30 Rolback golfball discussions
40:27 Albi and Panda death duel in putt putt challenge

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