Bonus: Albatross Rap (Albi's Song)

Bonus: Albatross Rap (Albi's Song)

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Albi's song... 

All my friends say no man, not that story again,

Too late, it was a 2 on a par 5 in a tournament for the win 

What's next Q&A, Van Pelt me on ESPN? 

sports hero CP3 and me finally friends 

Lebatard, Stephen A, or is it straight to Fallon?

Want me to ghostwrite a note 

So you can blast to your friends?

Only crickets seem to chirp, boasting makes me the jerk

It's cool, I'll blow it up, Until my shot's on a shirt

Reddit, Twitter, YouTube - man social go berserk.

Panda, let's deliver the goods so we can both quit work.

Local channels didn't call,

Somehow no trophy, y'all

So, I made my own case

For this damn golf ball

One in six mill supposedly the odds,

Then again, last shot to win, that’s the reason for the pod.

Best shot ever at my club, then where's my plaque,

the best shot ever was played here, best on the planet in fact

An albatross to win a tourney, what tops that?

Save the claps, dap, not looking for that,

Just acknowledge its one of the luckiest shots ever… perhaps

I give credit where credit is due, and credit should be given on a par 5 and score a 2 

Then sprinkle in, last shot of tourney for the win, forgive my grin, 

As I remind you the name of the pod again

Did I tell you about my albatross… my albatross 

We gamble heavy and spend hall passes on golf trips,

Picture it, 36 a day with my boys from the tips

Our pod covers it, and celebrates golf's degenerates

Golf is the best, but could use a little less etiquette.

Zero subscribers and yet listener prerequisites.

No Ball retrievers, no glove putters, and yes to animal spirits

Sir nik, pandas, cranes, and sea turtles named Ocean Knight

To Bald Eagles, Shepherds, falcons and Albi fits me right,

Whose albi, you say? Why, does that one seem off?

Well, did I ever tell you about my albatross?

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