Who Should We Punch On Ryder Cup Team
Did I Tell You About My AlbatrossOctober 05, 2023
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Who Should We Punch On Ryder Cup Team

Show Notes:

  • “Letten”… not a word
  • Gold Chain good look? Panda’s new look is questionable at best but he pulls anything off
  • Improving hooks: Mr. Beast- we don’t have a Lamborghini to smash… yet.
  • Ryder Cup Prep by Zach Johnson didn't work, invited Keegan to play, Keegan goes low then invitation gets lost in mail? Cold! 
  • Boys have to punch a Ryder cup person in the face or their dog dies- who are we hitting? 
  • Burns, Fowler, Brooks, Harmon, Morikawa 
  • Ryder Cup: pairings, interesting wrinkles and we dive into the wrinkles 
  • Panda - snapped at Sheppard over what balls each pairings play 
  • Brooks Parring- he’s a unit
  • Ian Poulter- meanest ever in Ryder Cup: Albi Fueling his jet with unleaded

New Segments: Panda’s stone cold locks, the Come Back, Panda Town, Shorties 

daphne headcovers- is Daphne a “she”? Is she hot? 

Sheppards den

Albi’s brain - new segment - enter the void and leave changed forever:

1. Does Charlie woods love his mom more or dad more . Windows vs doors. Legs vs eyes. Fantasy Football before me2. The come back and wrap 

New Shirt Ideas: Nerd Herd, Who the F is Harry Cooper, Sam Sneed plays girls for money, Panda’s Chain on Ice, See You On The Next Tee

Thank You’s: all our listeners and friends of the show for the amazing initial support. 

show ideas and feedback for this episode:

Andrew Sanderson for show feedback, Brendan Ivers, Jacob Albramowitz / , Allie Slusarski

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Ryder Cup,Face Punch,Golf Drama,Ryder Cup USA,Zach Johnson,Keegan Bradley,Golf Controversy,Ryder Cup 2023,Golf Podcast,Controversial Choices,Golf Humor,Face Punch Decision,Ryder Cup Moments,Golf Storylines,Team USA,Ryder Cup Highlights,Captain’s Picks,Ryder Cup Decision,Panda Golf,Sheppard’s Den,Ryder Cup Pairings,Ian Poulter Ryder Cup,Brooks Parring,Golf Comeback,Golf New Segments,Panda’s Locks,Golf Wrinkles,Charlie Woods,Ryder Cup Face Off,Albi’s Brain,