Walk Off Albatross For The Win
Did I Tell You About My AlbatrossSeptember 07, 2023
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Walk Off Albatross For The Win

Every golfer knows it's not just about your final score; it's the "you-had-to-be-there" shots and stories that make up that score that brings us back.

 "Did I Tell You About My Albatross?"is a podcast for honest degenerates who are constantly chasing that next story and shot.

Our podcast is curated to feel like you are teeing it up with your favorite foursome every week. Join in with Sheppard, pro sports performance guru who’s consulted with multiple Top 10 pros including gold metal and grand slam winners 

Panda, our sharp-witted PGA pro and proud fellow golfing degenerate and me, Albi, who on a hot day in 2020 won a 2 day golf tournament with a walk-off albatross, from 247 yards at our club here in Tampa, Florida.

So, it's your tee box. Hit subscribe, and come round out our foursome. Join Albi, Sheppard, and Panda as we plunge into our quirky golf that includes the most ridiculous gambling scenarios, legendary challenges, and drinking stories that will make your wildest friend blush. Subscribers also have a chance at our amazing golf giveaways and maybe, just maybe, you'll be itching to share your own "Did I tell you about..." story too. 

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