DITYAMA meets Those Weekend Golf Guys
Did I Tell You About My AlbatrossOctober 22, 2023
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DITYAMA meets Those Weekend Golf Guys

In this episode of "Did I Tell You About My Albatross?", host Albi is joined by his co-host Panda and special guest John Ashton from "Those Weekend Golf Guys".

Albi/Brandon shares w

John shares his journey from being a successful radio personality to starting a golf-related podcast. The conversation focuses on the relatable and humorous moments in and around golf, making for an entertaining and enjoyable episode. Tune in to hear more about John's story and the unique approach to golf on this golf podcast for honest degenerates.

Albi and Panda slowly but surely worked in their favorite conundrums and asked for John's wisdom and take: "Can a human being swallow/eat a golf ball and live"  

John has grown his golf podcast into a syndicated weekly show that reached over 300,000 weekly listeners.

[00:01:06] Fascinating golf-related podcast story. 
[00:03:31] The walk-off albatross story... again
[00:08:11] The broadcasting/media industry's changing landscape. 
[00:11:34] "Complete insanity ensues" (Mole Traps that kill)
[00:14:40] Funny animal stories
[00:17:44] Why are there not more...? 
[00:19:23] The power of positive thinking. 
[00:22:31] The odds on an Albatross. 
[00:26:19] Missed calls and holding penalties. 
[00:28:33] DITYAMA's favorite question: Can a human eat a golf ball? 
[00:32:28] One-arm bandit challenge 
[00:35:18] Taking off prosthetic leg to improve lie angle?
[00:38:31] Albi's Masters mishap. 
[00:41:21] Chris Paul, sports hero. 

As with every episode, Albi snuck in the special shout out to Scott Van Pelt #SVP and Chris Paul #CP3

Check out what John and Jeff are doing at Those Weekend Golf Guys:

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